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Mar 15, 2013 1:40am PDT
's 876 area code with crooks impersonating government officials demanding tax money before he could get the prize. how much money did your father end up giving? >> he lost $85,000. >> reporter: $85,000. >> $85,000. it is devastating. >> reporter: listen to this a sad exchange between a scammer and woman named bea who shelled out more than $60,000. >> you have to pay the tax on the check before the check could be cashed. >> you keep asking for more money, more money. last night i went to bed crying. i don't have no money. the bills are coming. i don't have any oil. i'm freezing here. it's getting cold now. >> you'll have to take care of the final payment, bea. just keep your trust in us now. >> reporter: if the victims don't pay, the scammers are not above threats. >> there is nothing that these scammers won't do. they are absolutely despicable. >> we want to put out the red flags of warning. >> reporter: how to protect yourself? if prize officials call and tell you to pay taxes before they give you the money, it is a scam. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >>> big business news this
Mar 14, 2013 1:40am PDT
of thousands of students are going to have to wait up to six weeks longer for tax refunds because of a filing error at h&r block. the tax preparer software didn't fill out one form properly. the mistake could affect when the students can apply for financial aid. h, and r block says it is working with the irs to fix this problem as quickly as they can. >>> a health alert about breast cancer treatment. a new study finds that radiation increases a woman's risk. a study find that radiation increases a woman's risk of heart problems even with lower doses used today. the risk starts five years after treatment and lasts for decade. expert say this doesn't mean fewer women should have radiation they should be more carefully managed or manage risk factors for heart disease. >>> and with that, here is a look at your weather. late day showers and mountain snow in the pacific northwest. warming up in the southwest. light snow around minneapolis, milwaukee and chicago. scattered snow showers in northern new england. >> blustery in the northeast. climbing into the 40s from boston to baltimore. 30s in the m
Mar 13, 2013 1:40am PDT
years and do it without tax increases. the president addressed that budget plan when he sat down for an exclusive interview with abc's george stephanopoulos. >> my goal is not to chase a balanced budget just for the sake of balance. my goal is how do we grow the economy, put people back to work and if we do that we are going to be bringing in more revenue. if we have controlled spending and we have a smart entitlement package potentially what you have is balance, but it is not balance on the backs of, you know, the poor, the elderly, students who need student loans, families who have disabled kids. that's not the right way to balance our budget. >> the white house says the math in the gop budget plan simply doesn't add up and it would hurt the middle-class. you can see the full exclusive interview a little later today coming up on "good morning america." >>> a new piece of gun control legislation faces an uphill fight in congress despite taking the first step. a senate committee yesterday approved a bill requiring nearly universal federal background checks for gun buyers includin
Mar 19, 2013 1:40am PDT
't need any taxes. >> there you go. yeah. >> talk ourselves into a circle. >> from the basketball court to the courtroom. the athletic star relieved after a big legal decision. >> later, wild animals, tamed, as pets. foxes, maybe? what do you think? are they worthwhile companions? how much would you pay for one? you are watching "world news now". ♪ "world news now" weather brought to you by lyme away turbo power. using that cleaner.od luck excuse me, miss ? he's right. those are tough hard water stains, and that cleaner's not gonna cut it. truth is, 85% of us have hard water and many don't even know it. you need lime-a-way. lime-a-way is specially formulated to conquer hard water stains. it's 4 times more effective at removing lime scale than the leading bathroom cleaner. see the lime-a-way difference or your money back. [ female announcer ] stress sweat is different than ordinary sweat. it smells worse. get 4x the protection against stress sweat. introducing new secret clinical strength stress response scent. get 4x the protection against stress sweat. given way to sleeping. tossing
Mar 20, 2013 1:40am PDT
building. and the protesters achieved v parliament abandoned the pla tax their bank accounts. the country is still despe, on the vergebankd iftdoet, t and government coulroke thalit nd o stocks, even the protesters know that. >> it is a domino effect it will start here it will not end here. it will -- financial collapse will commence here in cyprus, all throughout europe and will affect the united states most definitely. >> reporter: which means this beautiful i the fate of the european and perhaps world economie nick schifrin, abc news, cyprus. >>> all right, statue of liberty which was shut down after hurricane sandy set to reopen in time for fourth of july. the statue itself survived the , bulad sits badly d. making it uoritor repairs should be compl summer trav >>> after a relentless final few weeks of winter, we are pleased to report that spring arrives. at 7:02 eastern time. just a few hours from now. as abc's ginger zee reports it's welcome news for the northeast after another major winter storm. >> reporter: it is like a broken en plows down. shovels out and that familia
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5